CRM integration

It streamlines your business processes across the enterprise - empowering the various departments and teams within the organization with the appropriate tools, resources and information to enable a smooth functioning and systematic case management.

CRM implementation

A CRM strategy is only as good as its implementation

Daspal aims to deliver transformational implementation, by supplying business value through consultancy and solution based technology. Implementation that is efficient and cost effective. We are experts in implementing best in class CRM and Customer Experience solutions that empower your business to focus on growth.

We know technology should have a strategic focus with a practical benefit to your business. It must support your overall plan to help you achieve your goals. This means we take care to provide CRM implementation solutions that are based on understanding your market and your business strategy.

CRM consulting

If you want to build, maintain and strengthen your customer relationships, Daspal proffers custom CRM solutions through its expert & experienced consultants. We create an attractive and effective custom CRM system and guide you through all the stages of the implementation of the solutions by advising & helping you choose the right strategy. Our quality CRM software system suits your business model and incorporates into services and applications that you already use.

CRM support

The channels businesses use to communicate with customers have changed over time. Early business practices relied on face-to-face interactions and written communications. Modern businesses have added electronic communications to the mix, including telephone, email, live chat, and social media.

As the number of contact points has increased, the challenge of aggregating and organizing that data has also increased. The details and purchase history of a single customer may now be spread among several channels and multiple employees. While the challenge of managing that data has grown, the importance of maintaining access to it has remained constant. Businesses working to improve their customer support services may benefit from a customer relationship management (CRM) system that can help make customer interactions much more efficient and effective.