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Describe IOT along with its working process and Example

IoT is properly abbreviated as Internet on Things. Internet of Things or IoT is a network of the internet in which different objects are connected to each other for collecting and exchanging the data files. The term Internet of Things contains two major substitutes that are internet and things. Internet means the connectivity and that thing means the objects or devices that are connected.  Hence these objects are connected to each other with the help of the internet and complete the term Internet of Things or we can also say IoT.

Let’s understand the concept of IoT with the small and a practical example

Suppose you have a smart TV unit in your home that is connected to the internet connection. Now if it happens that you went somewhere by Locking Up your house and then you realize that you forget switching off the television. Now with the help of your mobile phone, you can easily switch off the television because of the connectivity that the device is having. Now in this whole situation, your mobile phone and the smart TV is the thing that is the object and the internet connection that you are using to control the smart TV from your mobile phone is the connectivity.  Show with the help of this internet connectivity both the mobile phone and smart TV are connected to each other and working properly. This is the concept of the Internet of Things or we can also say IoT.

Now we know that what IoT or Internet of Things actually is?  Let’s come to the next… Now the question that arises is how the Internet of Things works. Or we can say what the working of the Internet of Things is. In the below section of this article, we have discussed the working theory of the Internet of Things that is IOT. You are suggested to take a glance.

Working of IoT (Internet of Things)

Devices that are having inbuilt sensor get connected to each other at the Internet of Things platform.  Letter on the IOT platform integrates information from several objects and then share the important and desired information with the applications that are designed with the purpose of fulfilling the requirement of the user. The best part of the IoT platform is that they know what information is required and what information is not required. Furthermore, we can also say that they can easily categorize between the useful and to be ignored information. The information is stored in the device is becomes helpful in detecting the pattern and making recommendations for removing the possible problems before the damage the connection or the device.

Feeling ambiguous with the working? Look over the situation/example given below; it will clarify the points to you more easily.

Suppose every day you wake up early at 7:00 a.m. to go for work. Your alarm clock pickles at that time you have set it. Sometimes you get late because it takes a lot of time in reaching the place. In order to avoid the situation, it is important for you to wake up at 6:45 a.m. And if it is raining then you will need to drive slower than your daily speed. If your Alarm clock is IoT-enabled, it will set itself according to the factors so that you got to your work on time. Due to having IoT connection, the alarm clock will automatically recognize that your usual transportation is canceled or the weather conditions or it will also calculate the distance and the travel time you will take to reach the office along with the factors that will slow your speed.

After calculating all the situations, the alarm clock will get set automatically and it will tickle at the time so that you are not late. Furthermore, if your alarm clock is super smart and technological advanced then it will also get synced with the IoT enabled coffee maker morning coffee will also be getting up. This will not only ease the task but also provide time efficiency.

Well, Internet of Things is a great platform through which you can make your life and work simple and great.

Fundamental Components of the IoT System

There are four fundamental components of IoT system that provides the functioning of IoT Platform.

Sensors help in collecting all the data. Connectivity acts as a medium of transport of carrying data from one point to another. Once the information is gathered by the devices and it gets to the cloud, the software performs processing on the acquired data that is data processing. And finally, the collected and required information gets transferred to the end-user through any particular medium. Information can get transferred either in the form of alarm triggering or texts or emails.


Hope the discussed stuff about IoT will be helpful in future for sure. Also, the deep discussion about IoT will engage you to focus on further projects that whenever required without any hassles.

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