Daspal Technology delivers a suite of web, software and mobile development services for clients across the industries.

IT professionals at Daspal Technology explore and analyses the requirements and challenges of each industry individually.

Be it in terms of technology or business strategy, our dedicated workforce can provide you the best solutions.

No matter the Industry, Daspal Technology helps any business gain an edge. As one of the leading technology service providers, we are armed with the right set of resources and data to support your industry type.

Daspal combines its innovative consultative approach and digital thinking power to help our clients from various industries. While our integrated communication and information system technology work for different companies, our focus lies on major sectors including Ecommerce, Healthcare, Media, Retail, Travel, Food, Logistics, Education, Real Estate, Finance and Bank.


Daspal Technology caters unique and robust e-commerce solutions to drive extensive growth of your business. We at Daspal provide e-commerce services for start-ups, retailers, enterprises, brands, and merchants. Our technology services are tailored to meet ideal requirements and expectations of clients so that they bring more efficiency in the results for any businesses online.

Over the years, Daspal technology has built a sound reputation for offering the best e-commerce development services across diverse industry sectors such as retail, apparels, real estate, healthcare, information technology and more.

Our team of skilled professionals has an extensive industry-specific experience and expertise in different ecommerce development platforms and tools. Whether you are planning to set up an online store for your business or expand the existing ecommerce store, Daspal can provide you with right guidance and services. No matter how diverse your requirements are, we are confident to offer you best quality results.


Are you in search of the best healthcare support services? If so, you are the right place. Our professionals at Daspal Technology have more than ten years of experience serving the healthcare industry so that they can easily understand the enterprise technological challenges and needs.

Daspal Technology offers top-notch support and helps in setting up a state-of-the-art information Technology infrastructure for different firms in the healthcare industries.

At Daspal technology, we help in introducing automated billing systems in various departments, reducing data entry costs and improving data capture efficiency to the highest standards. Not only healthcare technology solutions ensure accuracy in payment without any abuse or fraud but also align business systems, processes and support various mechanisms in transforming your business. Ours is a team of dedicated professionals who pay heed to your requirements and transform your ideas into reality without breaking the bank.


Media industry has been witnessing a accelerating growth these days. Backed with rising consumer demands and improving advertising revenues, media and entertainment industry seems to exploring new market opportunities and revenue generating streams. At Daspal Technology, we work across different sectors via radio, televisions, films, digital, print, and more to help businesses enhance their effectiveness and make them reach their long-term goal.

With the evolvement of new ideas and models in the media and entertainment space, Daspal Technology professionals has been helping the businesses with economic transformations, revenue recognition, financial forecasting, project management, supply chain management and more. At Daspal technology, we develop media and entertainment strategies and solutions around the challenges and issues in vogue. Our proven expertise in latest technology trends and media requirements helps you in achieving simplified and scalable solutions.


The retail industry is embracing the power of IoT, enterprise mobility and Blockchain rapidly than ever. New technologies like QR Codes, NFC (Near Field Communications), BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) helps most of the retail businesses to usher their existing business processes into the modern era.

Daspal Technologies, with its niche expertise in web and mobile solutions backed by IoT and Blockchain technology is well-versed in handling all sorts of retail business requirements.

Our retail business services helps in ensuring increased engagement, loyalty, and brand awareness. Integrating technological solutions to your retail business renders a range of advantages including increased brand engagement, customized shopping experience, higher market reach and maximum  operational efficiency to mention a few.


Travel sector is considered to be a profitable industry these days and the ever-growing popularity of social media has been a great influence to this industry. Hospitality and travel industry is expanding and exploring new market opportunities and we at Daspal technology manages to guide our clients in tackling the rising challenges and ensure optimum client satisfaction, flexible business solutions, and higher operational efficiency.

Daspal Technology works with a number of hospitality and travel companies. And our team always make it a point to help them with proper information strategy and technology and make sure the business is moving to the next engagement level. Whether it is about automating routine tasks or upgrading the finance operations, our team at Daspal can provide you the most innovative solutions with accuracy and precision.


Daspal Technology is a preferred and well-established business partner for industries and corporates across the world. Nowadays, food industry has realized the importance of integrating technological advances to gain an edge over their competitors. If you are wondering how to reach out to the new-age customers in a more tech-enable environment, then Daspal can help you with right guidance and services.  The company offers excellent and top notch technological services for restaurants and hoteliers to tackle any sort of client requirement efficiently.

Whether it is about establishing an online ordering system or launching a mobile app for your restaurant business, our team can help you out. Partner with Daspal to avail the most advanced and innovative technology solutions in food and beverages industry.


Whether developing new business models or managing enhanced cost pressure, Daspal Technology is redefining the way logistics and transportation companies favour through the digital transformations.

Digital Transformation assures to modify everything about the planning, procuring and fulfilling a logistics and transportation company. Advancements in time and speed work to your benefits in an enhanced real-time economy. Digital Supply chain helps in getting rid of the bottlenecks in the existing workflows. Daspal technology helps in integrating and modernizing even the most complicated logistics and transportation system easily within a shorter time so that it fairs better in this digital age. Ours is a team of professionals who can help you streamline the business operation, improving overall performance and enhancing cargo security system.


With the evolution of new opportunities in the field of Education, there are new mediums and avenues created like faster learning, online classrooms, the ability to track the results and performance for educators, students, management and more. We at Daspal Technology aims to integrate technology solutions with education so that it paves way for next-generation campuses and improved student outcomes.

Daspal Technology includes a well talented and professional team who have vast experience in delivering technological solutions for schools, colleges, universities and educators.

Our consulting and technology, education solutions helps in improving teaching outcomes and effectiveness, reaching out to a large group of audience, maximize operational effectiveness and efficiency, accelerate innovation and research capabilities and more. Partner with Daspal to avail better access to resources and enjoy an improved academic experience.

Finance and Bank

Finance and banking institutions have started to rewrite their future with digital technologies, and this opens up doors to a number of avenues and opportunities. If your business desires to attain new customer touchpoints and higher operational efficiencies, then Daspal is your right choice of technology partner.

At Daspal Technology, we work smart and approach our clients with long term goals. At Daspal Technology, we are driven by several key technologies and significant investment namely cyber security, customer experience management, blockchain, artificial intelligence and more. Whether it is about enhancing customer loyalty, profitability of your organization or establishing secure financial transactions, our services can provide you the right results. Implement the best banking IT services to reap profitability in a shifting regulatory landscape.

Real Estate

Real estate value can be easily driven by location but the digital disruptions into this indicate that the real estate future will considerably grow with innovative and unique ideas and technologies developed. At Daspal Technology, we have a team of skilled professionals who harnesses the information digitally to provide unmatched solutions to the real estate companies. We understand that real estate industry is a dynamic one and it should stay abreast of technologies for achieving increased exposure and higher productivity.

At Daspal Technology, we leverage innovative concepts and technologies to design and develop custom applications for real estate infrastructure and businesses. Trust our deep expertise and experience to tackle the rising technological challenges and cope up with the latest trends in real estate and construction industry.